Conquering my fears and Go-Sees in New York City

Earlier this week I stepped out on faith and decided to explore the complex world of modeling in New York City. This was my first time traveling so far away by myself. I was a little apprehensive about taking on this journey by myself because of all of the horror stories I've heard about New York and all of the sex trafficking. I hadn't been on a plane since my family and I moved back to America when I was 3 so it was like my first time being on a plane.

Once I decided that I was actually going to stop talking about doing it and actually do it I began researching different modeling agencies I wanted to visit. I started prepping my portfolio. I teamed up with a few local makeup artist, photographers, wardrobe stylist and hair stylist to help me create images that I felt like represented what I wanted to do. I started saving my money and researching exactly where I wanted to stay and what hotels and flights would fit my budget. Of course in true Taelor fashion no matter how far in advance I started planning this trip I had to wait until the last minute to pack all of my stuff and get some final pictures printed for my portfolio. I guess we can't always have it all together lol. 

Once I got off of the plane I headed straight to times square where my hotel was located. I wanted to stay right in the heart of all of the action. I unpacked all my belongings and spent the rest of the day exploring times square. The first place I stopped at was Madam Tussauds wax museum. I had the time of my life! It was crazy how realistic some of the figures were. There were times when I would enter different parts of the museum and say excuse me to some of the statues because they looked so realistic. There were a plethora of wax figures including, Justin Timberlake, Selena Gomez, Muhammad Ali, Selena, Tyra Banks, Spice Girls, Beyonce, Usher and so many more. It was refreshing to just have fun laughing and taking pictures inside of the museum. I visited a few different restaurants but I wasn't able to fully experience all of the traditional New York foods due to my new plant based diet. I did find a really cool southern styled kitchen on 51st street that served an amazing fried corn and squash dish with watermelon topped with a vinaigrette sauce. 

I spent the next two days waking up at  7 .am. to prepare for a day of Go-sees. I visited a total of 7 different agencies. I ended up taking 6 ubers, walking about 4 hours, and riding the train across New York to get to each one. I was so determined to make it to every single one and I did whatever it took for me to get there. It was so hectic commuting. Not every agency was receptive but I was able to connect with a few amazing ones and I am super excited to continue my journey modeling in New York! I gained so much knowledge to help me prepare for my trip back to New York. 

What really blessed me was realizing that I actually took a leap of faith by going by myself to an unfamiliar territory. I conquered my fear of flying and it was so amazing to walk into offices of worldwide known agencies meeting influential people and seeing the pictures of supermodels represented by these agencies on the wall. Just the mere fact that a small town girl like myself who comes from an underprivileged family and so many unfortunate circumstances had enough courage to pursuit her dreams and be in such a space was so motivating. This trip lit a fire in me and made me even more hungry to go after my dreams no matter what obstacles come my way. 


When you truly are passionate about something and God gives you a vision its so important that you continue to seek him so that he can guide you and help you manifest your vision. Eliminate all distractions and dont be afraid to be you! Rid yourself of all negative people that will try to keep you from moving closer to your destiny and that will try to get you to dim your light.


Take that leap of faith and get out their and achieve your goals!