Pressing to Purpose

 I debated whether or not I wanted to continue blogging on my personal site for a number of reasons. I started to question whether or not people actually took the time to read what I had to say and other times I felt so disconnected from people that I didnt want to be transparent and share my experiences because so much negativity started to rise up around me. As I started typing this blog I began to realize that you have to love what you do whether 1 or 1000 people love it. Sometimes that 1 person may be you. You cant live your life scared or worried about what others may think or who doesnt support you. One of the biggest things that God has allowed me to realize these last few months is that you have to be willing to be uncomfortable to improve and progress in your life. At times you may not understand what is going on but you have to trust that God has a plan for your life. This morning one of my pastors preached about pressing your way. It was a right on time message for me because over the last few months I've had to press harder than ever before mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Here I am wondering what God wants me to do next in the midst of dealing with deep depression. I had been working so hard on modeling and trying to accomplish some of my short term goals I set for myself and i just kept getting no's or sometimes no answer at all. Even in the midst of everything I was dealing with I still was holding on to the little faith that I had but I wasn't strong. I began to question if I would ever get that fire back that I once had for God or even just get to a place where I could heal from all of the hurt that I had been tormenting myself with. One day I just began to pray and tell God that I was tired of doing things my way and I wanted to have an encounter to help me get back to where I needed to be. I was tired of going through the motions pretending like everything was ok and holding everything in dealing with people. I also asked God to reveal to me people around me that were not meant to be in my life at this time and even asking God to reveal to me things about myself that I needed to work on. Some of the things God showed me about myself was hard to face but it needed to be done in order for me to realize that I was getting in my own way. People that I thought were friends began to show themselves stronger than before and there was a huge separation in my life and I would cry trying to figure out why everything was happening all at one time and wondering was it something that I did wrong. God had to show me that in order for me to refocus and get back to a place where I can hear him and truly walk in my purpose I had to be separated from all of the distractions around me. I could no longer do some of the things that I was doing. I couldn't be around some of the same people I was around and I had to change my way of thinking. It is inevitable for you to experience some form of struggle especially when you have a heart to live for God and do the right thing. I'm certain that if your purpose is going to help inspire other people and give God glory during the process the enemy will try to fight you even harder because he knows just how powerful you are. Pressing is  part of the plan and I've learned that in order to experience the fullness of what God has planned you have to embrace those moments and work even harder. Never stop working because you feel like you aren't getting anywhere. Your breakthrough is on the other side of you pressing. These past couple of months have been very hard, lonely among many other feelings but one thing I can say is that God has allowed me to press my way into new opportunities, new blessings, new relationships and a new mindset that has given me peace to help me get through my days. 


My prayer for each reader is that God gives you a peace that surpasses all understanding so that when trouble comes your way you can stand firm in the foundation God has given you. I pray that God will open new doors of opportunity and pour out blessings in your life to cause you to excel in every area of your life. I pray that whoever is reading this God will keep your mind as you maneuver through your week and that he keeps you and your families protected. 


Now go out and spread some of this love and press into your purpose!