Learning The Power Behind Words

We're still human, you know.

Majority of us were told to not let words affect us no matter what was said. Don't get me started on how many times I've heard the cliche, "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words do not hurt me." As good as that sounded I still found my overly sensitive, fragile self getting emotional at even the smallest thought of someone saying something negative about me. God forbid they did, I would crumble inside and I found myself replaying words and scenarios in my head from years ago. 

Words truly are powerful.

Its amazing how one single word that was spoken over your life has the power to replay over in your head a million times. Words are like seeds that you plant. You speak them and the fuel of attention gives them life. If you focus on that word or statement constantly you will begin to mold yourself around it. Whether we know it or not words begin to shape us from our adolescent years into our adult life. Your parents or guardians  become the first people in your life to speak words into you. Just imagine if you grew up with a parent that constantly told you that you were lazy, dumb, average and so many other words. You start to feel like that's all you are and subconsciously you begin to become what you think you are. If you had an ex that constantly told you that you were too skinny, fat, or ugly you start to feel like you're not good enough so you begin to settle for anyone that gives you the slightest attention and you will tolerate anything just to feel wanted from someone. Even the lack of words coming from someone we deem important to us leave us feeling insecure, unsure and unstable. Either way you look at it words have so much power in our lives.

Who and What are you listening to?

Even the strongest minded people have moments of weakness and if you're not careful you will unknowingly open the door for words to be planted in your life. Whatever you surround yourself with will start to play a major part in your life which is why you have to be mindful of the people and situations you place yourself in. How many times do you stop to evaluate the people around you? Most importantly, have you every stopped to self reflect on how you think about yourself. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've had to stop myself and say, "what the heck is wrong with you girl?" for thinking something pretty outrageous about myself because something someone said made me second guess myself. Even if I knew it was far from the truth I still found myself replaying it in my head. The unfortunate part about it is most of the time those negative words came from people that I thought were my friends. Pay attention to the words that you hear from people around you and shut down any negative talk you hear immediately. Words are even planted with the music we listen to and the things we watch on television. When words begin to fester into our hearts it shows through our actions and the things we say ourselves. Get around people who speak life into you. Positive words have the same affect as negative words. The more positive things you hear about yourself the more positive you become. You are what you put into your mind, body and spirit. 

Silencing the Mind

When you've had a lifetime of negative seeds planted in your life how do you even take the time to silence those words that continuously play in your mind? I believe that God wants to use the most broken people because of the tribulations and things we've had the power to overcome. I believe that sometimes we are fought so hard in our minds because of the power we have to change lives and bring light to the world. There have been some days where the words played so much in my head that I couldn't move forward no matter how much I wanted to. All I could do was literally lay in bed and rock myself. Most of us mess up during that process because we feel the pain of that moment and we try to shut it off by turning to so many things to suppress our feelings instead of allowing ourselves to feel it and grow through it. I've learned that allowing myself to feel whatever I feel in that moment and get the cries out of my system has helped me to release all of the negative energy out of my life so I can be able to think clearly and separate reality from what is fake. Once you are able to get yourself to a place of silence you begin to pray and meditate on the word of God and positive things about yourself. Its ok to need help as well. That is why it is so important to have positive people around you that you can go to when you are in need of prayer and positive reinforcement. You have to train your mind to think positive daily. That doesn't cancel out the fact that sometimes we will still have moments where negative thoughts pop up in our head but the more you practice positive thinking and speaking you will be able to overpower those thoughts and not let them control your actions. 


As you begin to understand the power of words you will become more aware of the things you allow in your mind. You will begin to understand the importance of speaking life into yourself daily and into those around you. You will begin to love yourself so much that you wont accept just anything. You wont have the desire to fit in with everyone and you will begin to use your positive reinforcement to make a change in the world. No matter who you are you have the ability to add some light to this place we call home. You are NEVER to insignificant to have a place and a purpose here on earth.