Seeing Yourself Through God's Eyes

No matter how strong we are sometimes we have weak moments where we begin to question ourselves and we allow life's antics to weigh on us spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. The smallest things can trigger emotional break downs and if we dont know how to take control over our emotions we will throw ourselves pity parties and amplify everything that causes us sadness. I woke up with a heavy heart this morning about an issue I've been dealing with for a few months now and I really asked myself, "Do I really feel this way or am I allowing my emotions to manipulate me into believing that things are a lot worse than what they are?" Sometimes we get into a place of finally being ok with something and then BOOM it hits us all over again. Why did this happen? Is it me? What did I do wrong? Those are some of the questions that I asked myself this morning. I know some of you guys can relate to being in this place before. As I was laying down on the couch meditating I heard this in my head," If only you could see yourself the way God sees you."  I instantly began to think about what that meant to me. I knew in that moment that God was trying to get me to understand something very important.

God sees us so different from how we see ourselves and how the world sees us. When you really take the time to digest this it almost seems as if we are looking at two totally different people. Most of us only view ourselves by what we've done and our past but God treasures us so much so that no matter what we've done or what we've been through we are still amazing in his eyes. 

You are beautiful. 

Song of Soloman 4:7 "You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you."

God loves us when we dont love ourselves and when people walk out of our lives he still sees how precious and valuable we are. He doesn't hold our past over our heads. He is a forgiving God and he grants us this wonderful thing called Grace to carry us through. He sees us as being powerful, worthy and over comers. He knows that we can do anything we put our minds to because he has already given us the strength to make it happen. (Philippians 4:13) 

Just imagine if we could see ourselves the way God sees us everyday. We could change our lives so much. You start to become what you constantly think so I challenge everyone to replace every negative thought about yourself with something positive and uplifting. It may take awhile to adapt to this process but the more you train your mind to see yourself the way God sees you the better you will start to feel about yourself. 

I love you. (Muah)