My Current Skincare Routine

Before I started working in skincare and cosmetics I didn't really give my skin the best TLC that it deserved. My daily skincare routine consisted of a rag, warm water, bar soap, alcohol occasionally and a regular body lotion for my face. (Oh My Goshhhhh) Now that I have the knowledge of how vital it is to have a basic daily skincare regimen customized for your skin needs I thought I'd share some of my favorite daily skincare products that contribute to helping me maintain healthy skin. 


I rotate between these three products for my daily cleanse. Clinique liquid facial soap in mild is my go to basic soap. I have fairly normal skin so sometimes all I need is a nice, gentle clean and this particular soap gets the job done. Simple as that. The newest cleanser that I've added to my collection is also from Clinique. The new City Block Charcoal Cleansing Gel is perfect for me when I want a deeper clean. I like to use this cleanser after I've finished running or when I wear light makeup because it can be used to remove makeup as well. I got a sample of Elizabeth Arden's exfoliating cleanser and immediately fell in love with it. It smells amazing and I normally dont like any products that contain fragrance on my face but I can deal with this one. When my skin gets a little flaky from dry patches I like to use this cleanser because it helps to smooth my skin out and it doesn't leave my skin feeling too dry. 

This is the only toner that I use so this makes my routine a little bit easier. This toner leaves my skin feeling refreshed and even more clean. Sometimes I use this by itself after a run. To avoid having to wash my face two times in the morning I'll just come home and sweep this across my face one time and it helps to remove excess oil and flaky skin from my face. 

My under eye is one of the trouble areas I struggle with on my face because I dont get enough sleep. This is literally the only product that works for me and the darkness underneath my eye. It does wonders. It also helps me with my puffiness. It feels really good on the skin and it moisturizes. 

I love moisturizers! I have to use a moisturizer every single day and I notice a big difference in my skins texture and makeup application whenever I dont use one. I like to use the dramatically different moisturizer as my everyday moisturizer. It helps to keep my skin balanced and comfortable. For some reason these last few months my skin has been feeling extra dry so sometimes I pair my dramatically different moisturizer with Clinique moisture surge which is a 24 hour hydrator that absorbs quickly into the skin providing a boost of hydration for the driest of skin types. At night I like to use the turnaround overnight moisturizer for nice rejuvenated skin when I wake up in the morning. 

Supergoop Acaifusion Lip Balm Spf30 is what i use during the day or whenever I'm outside because it protects from the sun. I seriously discover a new freckle on my body including my lips whenever I dont wear sunscreen and stay in the sun for extended periods of time. Another one of my favorite lip balms is from Via natural. This lip care product feels so good! I like everything strawberry too. It feels so smooth and moisturizing and can be used as a lip primer. I have a whole case of these on my dresser thanks to my wonderful Universal Beauty Product family. They give me so many different products at trade shows. 


This is what I use mainly as of right now for my skincare routine. It changes depending on so many different factors so i will keep you guys updated on new products as I discover them.